Renowned actor Erik Jensen, who starred in films including “The Walking Dead,” “For Life,” and “Mr. Robot,” has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. 

His multitalented wife Jessica Blank announced this news on a GoFundMe website. Blank added that Jensen miraculously survived a brain aneurysm only a year and a half ago.

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Sadly, his liver has been affected by the cancer. Despite this, Jensen is still seen as youthful and healthy since he has shown incredible fortitude and tenacity by carrying on with film projects and keeping up his duties as a writer and director while receiving chemotherapy. His medical team believes that the tumors may be sufficiently reduced to allow for two major surgeries to remove them entirely.

In a Saturday Instagram post, Blank revealed the GoFundMe details and said that Jensen is a “survivor” who relentlessly fights for the needy and transforms hardship into beauty.

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Who is Jessica Blank?

Erik Jensen’s wife, Jessica Blank, is a talented artist who possesses skills in acting, writing, and directing. Renowned plays like “The Exonerated,” “Aftermath,” and “How To Be A Rock Critic,” as well as the film version of the same name, are among her most renowned works with Jensen. In addition, Blank served as a producer on the movie “Almost Home” (2018), which was also co-adapted and co-directed by the two of them.

Having graduated from both Yale University and the Yale School of Drama, Blank has starred in many regional and off-Broadway plays. Her artistic abilities also translate to television, where she has made contributions to well-known programs including “CSI: Miami” and “Law & Order.”

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Blank’s skill and adaptability as an artist are priceless for Jensen’s business and their family. She is a committed and encouraging spouse who serves as a role model for their kids. She is also regarded as a leader and respected member of her community.