In a shocking turn of events, a 21-year-old YouTuber, Tanner Cook, known for his Classified Goons channel, attempted a prank on a delivery driver, Alan Colie, at Dulles Town Center mall in Sterling, Virginia. The stunt involved Cook repeatedly playing an unusual phrase using a Google Translate app, causing Colie to back away and request him to stop. However, the situation escalated when Colie, feeling threatened, pulled out a gun and shot Cook in the chest.

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Following the shooting, Cook fought for his life, spending days in intensive care due to injuries to his stomach and liver. Colie, a licensed concealed weapon carrier, was later found not guilty of aggravated malicious wounding, claiming self-defense. He was, however, convicted on a lesser charge of shooting into an occupied dwelling, which may lead to up to 10 years in prison. Colie’s defense argued that Cook’s pranks aim to confuse and provoke reactions for online content, without intending harm. The trial emphasized the need for Colie to reasonably fear imminent bodily harm for a self-defense claim.

Cook’s YouTube channel, “Classified Goons,” known for controversial pranks, has over 50,000 subscribers. Despite the outcome, this incident has brought attention to his wife.

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Who is Tanner Cook?

Tanner Cook, a 21-year-old content creator, has made a name for himself in the realm of YouTube with his channel “Classified Goons.” This platform, which currently garners over 38,000 subscribers, is primarily dedicated to showcasing prank videos. Cook’s content is characterized by its humorous and often daring approach to entertainment. His inventive and audacious pranks have earned him a devoted following, as viewers eagerly anticipate his next video.

Cook’s ability to captivate audiences with his unpredictable and entertaining content has contributed to the growth of his channel. With each new upload, he demonstrates a knack for combining creativity with a willingness to push boundaries. This combination sets him apart in the competitive world of YouTube, making him a prominent figure among the younger generation of content creators. As he continues to refine his unique style, Tanner Cook’s influence in the digital realm is poised to expand even further.