Karlissa Saffold, mother of rapper Blueface, defends a controversial baby photo, emphasizing it was a plea for medical advice rather than an illicit image. She asserts that prioritizing the infant’s health outweighs any legal implications.

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Who is Karlissa Saffold, Blueface’s mother?

Karlissa Saffold, Blueface’s mother, stands firmly behind the controversial naked baby photo shared on the rapper’s social media. She asserts that seeking assistance for an infant’s hernia is entirely legitimate. When questioned about the photo on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, Karlissa expressed her initial shock at the explicit content, a sentiment shared by many. The image depicted her grandchild’s ailing genitals, a sight that initially troubled her.

However, Karlissa’s perspective shifted upon discovering similar posts from concerned parents seeking advice on hernias. She emphasizes that the intention behind the graphic photo was purely to aid the child, and thus, it did not violate any laws. Addressing the ongoing conflict between her son and the child’s mother, Chrisean Rock, Karlissa conveyed her willingness to step in if necessary to restore harmony and safeguard the baby.

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Observing the acrimonious exchanges between the parties, she lamented the adversarial nature of their interactions. Karlissa attributed the turmoil to the aftermath of a breakup, subtly alluding to the complexity of the situation, involving three individuals: Blueface, Chrisean, and the infant.

Notably, Karlissa clarified that she harbors no intention of taking custody of the child from Chrisean. She firmly believes in a mother’s capability to care for her baby and asserts her readiness to provide assistance in any capacity required. Intriguingly, she expressed greater concern over Chrisean’s handling of the baby in a Walmart than the hernia-related photo.

Moreover, Karlissa is involved in an ongoing family reality show titled “CixoT,” which features Blueface, his siblings, and herself. It remains to be seen whether the hernia incident will find its way into the show’s content, adding another layer of intrigue to the family’s public narrative.