Courtney K Randolph is all set for the popular Netflix dating reality show ‘Too Hot to Handle’. On this brand new season, 10 extremely attractive singles come together to have the best time of their lives. Until they face the unexpected reality of being on ‘Too Hot to Handle’, where fighting the temptations means winning massive cash prize worth $200k.

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Who is Courtney Randolph?

Courtney K Randolph is a young 25 year old coming from Houston, Texas. In the show’s promo video she introduced herself saying ‘I’m not just a pretty face but a business woman’, who’s also a model and an influencer. Added to this, she said ‘I want to own an empire’ as her ultimate dream.

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Courtney has over 112K followers with 158 posts on her Instagram. Her account shows her interests in cooking, fitness, modeling, and traveling. Courtney is not just active on Instagram, but also loved on her TikTok and YouTube videos. Recently she posted her official announcement post saying “Come on, Courtney, let’s go party!” and her friends and fans shared there excitement by commenting “Can’t wait to watch” and a hundred more.

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Does Courtney Randolph have a Boyfriend?

In the 4th episode of the show Courtney spared the details, said ‘a while ago she was married, but is now divorced.’ Currently on the show, Courtney and Issac clicked since the first episode. Will they become the ‘it couple’? or will someone’s entry disrupt their relationship?

Watch Courtney and other contestants resisting and winning on ‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 5, exclusively on Netflix.