Tristan Tate, along with his brother Andrew Tate, were arrested from their home in Romania on Thursday, December 29. Reports say that the police raided their home and arrested them over sex and human trafficking charges.

Andrew Tate got involved in a fiery Twitter exchange with Great Thunberg, the climate activist. In a video he posted responding to Thunberg, a Romania-based pizza chain’s box was seen at the table in front of him. Some reports claim that police were tipped off about him being in Romania after seeing that pizza box.

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Who is Tristan Tate? 

Tristan Tate is a former kickboxer who went on to become in internet celebrity, just like his elder brother.

Tristan was born on July 15, 1988, to Emory and Eileen Tate and they have a sister called Janine Tate.

After participating in the 2011 season of the British reality series Shipwrecked, he gained media attention. As a result of the show’s enormous success, he declared his retirement from kickboxing.

Later, he began working as a sports commentator for numerous events that were shown on Eurosport as well as for several additional MMA fights.

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Tristan Tate is well-known for his work as a fight commentator for Boxnation and different events that were broadcast on Eurosport. He has won two kickboxing championships at the International Sport Karate Association, according to his kickboxing resume. Tristan Tate has also appeared in a variety of venues, including Superkombat and Romanian Extreme Fighting, among others.

His birthplace was Washington, although he eventually resided in Luton. He retired from kickboxing and relocated to Romania, where he set up shop and now operates a number of eateries and gaming establishments. He owns property in the USA, England, and Romania.