Ethan Crosby was the brother of legendary rock musician David Crosby who died on Thursday after a long illness in Los Angeles. Ethan Crosby committed suicide, some time in 1997 or 1998 – the exact date is unknown as he was a recluse who lived in the Northern California mountains and spent much of his life away from the city hustle.

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Who was Ethan Crosby? 

Ethan Crosby was born on March 7, 1937, in the Los Angeles area.

A self-described “loner” in his early years, preferring to read over socializing, he only started performing music when his parents gave him a guitar in the fifth or sixth grade. Multiple accounts on publicly available sources say that Ethan Crosby was a songwriter, an environmentalist and an occasional music performer.

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When Crosby died he was living in a remote cabin in the Northern California mountains at the age of 60. According to a Chicago Tribune report dated December 11, 1997, that cites the Siskiyou County sheriff’s deputies, he went missing on November 5, 1997. 

“By the time you read this, I will be dead — gone home to my Alaska,” he wrote on his suicide note. 

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“Please do not search for my body. I want it to return to the earth unmolested by uncaring officials. . . . Give my deep love and gratitude to David and all my friends. My last words: I love you all. Go Wild!”

As per his wishes, a post-mortem was not conducted on his body and he was buried ‘unmolested by uncaring officials’ back to the earth in the place he called his home.