Recently, well-known performer Fred the Elephant Boy died as a result of problems brought on by blood clots. At the time of his death, he was 64 years old.

JG Faherty, a writer, shared his sorrow on Facebook and claimed to have met Fred over Twitter. He claimed that the late actor adored Faherty’s writings and was a devotee of horror fiction.

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“A lot of people don’t know that he had a great sense of humor (he regularly posted goofy jokes on twitter) and was also an avid reader, plus just a generally nice guy. When I ran a contest to be named a character in my book Ragman, Fred graciously donated a chunk of money he couldn’t really afford to help the Hudson Valley Human Society,” Faherty wrote about Schreiber as a tribute.

Who was Fred Schreiber?

Fred Schreiber, popularly known by his stage name, Fred the Elephant boy was 64 years old at the time of his death. His appearance on The Howard Stern Show in recent years helped him gain notoriety.

The deceased actor was a part of The Howard Stern Show’s Wack Pack. The name of the group alludes to those who have frequently appeared on the show.

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The unique ability of this group was that the members were racist, mentally disabled, or had the best sense of humor. Names like Bigfoot, Daniel Carver, Debbie the Pet Lady, Irish John, Joey Boots, Junior the Father, and others are among the group’s members.

Howard Stern, the host, cited 1988 as the year they first met and named Fred as one of his favorites. The former decided to include the late actor in his program after being impressed by his unusual speech. stated: “He was a 30-year-old virgin when we met him, and we helped him get laid for the first time … I thought the show was a great, great bonus for this guy’s life.”

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At the 1994 Libertarian convention, Schreiber had the honor of assisting Howard’s introduction for the nomination for Governor of New York. “I knew Fred was the perfect person,” Howard said before playing clips from that appearance as well as at an event in Cleveland in 1994. “He was quite the speech master and he got really fucking excited sometimes … I mean you couldn’t ask for a better hype man,” he added.

Schreiber went on to accept Howard’s award when he was presented with the Top Broadcaster Award by Billboard in 1994. Speaking at a gathering in Cleveland, Howard claimed that he picked Schreiber because he was an expert when it came to speech.