Colombian actor Kevin Andrés Muñoz Tovar, who gained recognition for his work on a Netflix series, was sadly found dead in what appears to have been the aftermath of an armed robbery, according to local media.

Kevin Muñoz was discovered dead at La Playita, Tuluá, Colombia, with many wounds and his wrists and feet bound. According to early reports, he might have been bludgeoned and attacked with a machete before passing away from his wounds.

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Who was Kevin Tovar?

Kevin Tovar was 23 years old. Early in his promising career, Kevin Andrés Muñoz Tovar stood out as a supporting actor in the 2020 Netflix original movie “Lavaperros/Dogwashers.” This Argentinean-Columbian black comedy-drama, directed by Carlos Moreno, demonstrated his skills. 

Muñoz continued to broaden his acting career by landing a supporting part in the Apple TV series “Echo 3” and a lead part in an episode of the Colombian streaming TV program “Turbia.” Notably, “Turbia” examines the difficulties two communities—one wealthy and the other impoverished—face in coping with water scarcity during an extended drought.

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A suspect, aged 19, has been detained on suspicion of murder in relation to the untimely demise of actor Kevin Andrés Muñoz Tovar from Colombia. The suspect’s name hasn’t been made public by authorities.

“The Valle Police Department reports that thanks to the timely information provided by citizens, the capture of a 19-year-old man who had allegedly participated in the homicide of Kevin Andres Munoz Tovar, a renowned actor from a Colombian film,” said Nicolás Suárez, the head of local police, in an interview with local media. The individuals who inflicted the injuries then left the area, but one of them was apprehended with the help of community information.”

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The actor’s followers have started to share their condolences for him on social media. One fan wrote, “It is with heavy hearts that we learn of the tragic passing of Netflix actor Kevin Muñoz. His talent illuminated the screen in Netflix’s Lavaperros, and his promising career was cut short in a shocking incident.”