A gym teacher in New Jersey was taken into custody after being charged with sexually abusing a student from the age of 14 until their senior year of high school.

The woman has been identified as Lydia Pinto.

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Who is Lydia Pinto?

Lydia Pinto is 38 years old. She was a field hockey and girls’ lacrosse coach at Bridgewater-Raritan High School.

She was charged with sexual assault after a former student claimed to have had a long-term sexual connection. An email was received by the Bridgewater Police Department from a former pupil who claimed Pinto had been sexually abusing him since he was fourteen years old. 

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Pinto was taken into custody by the police on November 8 in Franklin, New Jersey, following a month-long investigation. Somerset County Prosecutor John P. McDonald stated last week, “The victim reported engaging in a relationship with former teacher, Lydia Pinto.” 

She is accused of two counts of second-degree sexual assault and first-degree aggravated sexual assault. An anonymous email alerting the Bridgewater police department’s sex crimes and child abuse unit about Pinto’s alleged sexual assault prompted them to take action. 

The email contained clear information about Pinto and the student’s improper four-year sexual relationship. The victim, a former Bridgewater-Raritan High School student who is now an adult, was quickly recognized and questioned by detectives from the Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit of the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office. The victim claimed that all of the sexual attacks took place in the Raritan Borough during his time in high school.

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According to the school’s social media post, in March, she collaborated with other driver’s education teachers to organize a safe driving program that taught kids about road safety. She departed the highly regarded public school at an unknown time, but as of Wednesday, her name was missing from the staff directory.

Following her arrest, Pinto was checked into the Somerset County Jail. According to jail officials, she was freed on November 15, seven days later, pending her upcoming court date, as Fox News Digital reported.