Sara Najmaii, an Operations Center Engineer with Petra Systems based in New Jersey, has come under scrutiny for sharing content considered to be antisemitic.

Her actions include promoting the Khazar theory, which denies Jewish ancestry, and using the term “Zionist” as a racial slur, particularly in reference to the President of Ukraine. She was noted saying, “Look at this dirty Zionist.” These remarks have sparked significant controversy and highlighted issues of increasing antisemitism.

Who is Sara Najmaii?

Sara Najmaii has had a longstanding career in engineering and operations. She has been with Petra Systems since May 2014, serving for over nine years as a Network Operations Center Engineer. Prior to this, she was a Business Manager at International Sales for three years and five months.

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Her career also includes a tenure as a Project Engineer at Delta Indus System Inc. from June 2001 to June 2005, where she successfully launched the company’s branch in the USA and managed various operational aspects.

Her professional background also encompasses roles at Lucent Technologies, including Application Engineer and Process Engineer, contributing to inventory management and process improvements. At the University of Minnesota, Najmaii worked as an Engineering Assistant and Control Engineer, overseeing operations and working closely with Field Engineers.

Najmaii’s educational qualifications include a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Control Systems & Signal Processing from the University of Minnesota, and a Project Management Certificate from New York University obtained in 2010.

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The recent incident on October 7th involving Najmaii’s antisemitic comments has raised concerns about the prevalence of such sentiments in professional lives.