Lawrence Jones, the founder of UK Fast, was found guilty of raping two women. The 55-year-old entered a not-guilty plea to two charges of rape that were made by two different women. 

Prosecutors said during the Manchester Crown Court trial that Jones called the first complainant a “pr*** tease” and then attacked her after giving her some red wine and a spliff. 

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They added that before he sexually assaulted the second complainant, he gave her instructions to inhale from a medication bottle filled with a clear liquid. Jones denied the accusations, but today he was convicted guilty on both counts.

Who is Lawerence Jones?

Lawrence Jones is 55 years old. He is the founder of Manchester tech company UK Fast, He lives on Brooks Drive in Hale Barns. Jones used to play the piano in bars and hotels all over the city in the 1990s. He was awarded an MBE in 2015.

He was accused of sexually abusing two women, but he said he was innocent throughout the trial. But after a three-week trial, he was found guilty of the accusations in the end.

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In a unanimous verdict, the jury found Lawrence Jones guilty of two charges of rape. He will be sentenced this Friday, December 1. 

Details about Jones, who was in his 20s at the time, calling a lady a “pr*** tease” and then attacking her after they had shared red wine and a spliff became clear during the trial at Manchester Crown Court. Then he sexually assaulted another woman in his apartment, praising her looks before telling her to take a puff from a medication bottle filled with a transparent substance. 

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The prosecution claimed that although the methods of drug delivery varied, the effect was the same, rendering both ladies stunned and only partially conscious but unable to respond, and so Jones “used drugs to facilitate” the assaults. 

The allegations surfaced in 2020 and 2021 when the two women separately came forward.