Famous dermatologist Alex Khadavi died at the age of 50 after suffering from stage four liver cancer.

His friends and coworkers paid tribute to him on his Instagram page today, sharing the news of his passing and stating that he will be “forever remembered.” Celebrity clients were served by the renowned dermatology clinic founded by Dr. Khadavi in Los Angeles.

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Who was Alex Khadavi?

Alex Khadavi was 50 years old. He was originally from Tehran and migrated to America as a child in 1979.

Running a highly renowned dermatological clinic in Los Angeles that drew celebrities, Khadavi, who had over 107,000 Instagram followers, managed the dermatological & Laser Medical Center, which has branches in the celebrity-heavy regions of Thousand Oaks and Encino.

Some celebs in the Hollywood industry praised Alex Khadavi, but he also received criticism from others. Real estate brothers Josh and Matt Altman, well-known from Million Dollar Listing, said that Khadavi showed overt antisemitic behavior and that he harbored strong feelings toward Jews in general.

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In addition, Khadavi ran into legal issues in 2021 after being shown on camera repeatedly calling a gay neighbor in West Hollywood insultingly bigoted. The incident, which took place in a building lobby and was captured on surveillance footage, showed Khadavi threatening the person. 

Even though Khadavi had worked with celebrities like Lance Bass, Scott Disick, and David Hasselhoff, his career was tainted by money problems, which led to him filing for bankruptcy the year before because of excessive spending on an opulent home.

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Khadavi revealed that he paid $16 million for the home in 2013 and spent around $30 million on an opulent makeover and remodeling project that lasted almost ten years. 

Notably, the architectural details and measurements throughout the mansion were aligned with multiples of seven, adding to the unusual and unique price tag. The design also had a motif based around the number seven.