Over the years, Steve Harwell has maintained a level of relative secrecy in his personal life, but it is known that he and his ex-wife, Michelle Laroque, had a son together.

The former Smash Mouth front man Steve Harwell has entered hospice care as he battles liver failure, which is now advanced.

Steve Harwell has battled alcoholism for years and is currently suffering from liver failure. He was being treated at a hospital, but is now receiving hospice care at home. According to his management, he only has “a week or so to live.”

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Twenty years had passed since the neonatal death of Harwell’s sole child before receiving a health update.

His fiancé, whose name is unknown, is taking care of him at home right now. His former wife, Michelle Laroque, is one of the partners Harwell has been seen with.

In the early 2000s, she was reportedly married to the musician, however it’s unknown how long they were together and when they divorced.

As reported by Page Six in 2020, Harwell’s ex-fiancee, Esther Campell, obtained a restraining order against the Smash Mouth star, it appears that they got divorced.

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Who was Presley Scott?

Presley Scott, a son born to Harwell and Laroque during their marriage, tragically passed away at the age of six months in 2001 due to complications from acute lymphocytic leukaemia. Without therapy, it is a blood and bone marrow cancer that spreads quickly.

The newborn passed away on July 28 after being born on January 26, 2001. Various accounts exist regarding how long Presley endured the ailment. The youngster has apparently been ailing “for only a few weeks,” according to a spokesperson for the band, although their tour manager reportedly told Billboard that the child became ill just days before he passed away.

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Presley was Harwell’s only child.

Laroque and the singer were only seen in those pictures taken on the red carpet of the 2000 Grammy Awards.