Late Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor revealed disturbing abuse at the hands of her mother, Marie, who she described as evil.

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Renowned Irish singer and songwriter, Sinéad O’Connor, had bravely shed light on the traumatic and abusive childhood she endured at the hands of her late mother, Marie O’Connor. In her book Rememberings, the 54-year-old artist opened up about the harrowing experiences she faced, providing insight into the tumultuous life of her troubled mother.

Marie O’Connor’s actions and behavior were far from nurturing or maternal. Sinéad recalls horrific instances of physical and sexual abuse, revealing that her mother would strip her naked as a child and subject her to repeated and vicious attacks on her private parts. Sinéad believes that her mother’s twisted desire was to damage her reproductive organs, a tormenting thought that has haunted her throughout her life.

The abuse extended beyond the physical, as Marie also coerced Sinéad into participating in theft. They would exploit charity boxes, but Marie would greedily pocket all the donations, leaving her family in financial distress despite her father’s wealth. Sinéad described her mother as a kleptomaniac, pilfering even from vacant houses for her selfish gains. Only after Marie’s death did the true extent of her financial hoarding come to light, revealing a sizable sum hidden away while her family lived in deprivation.

Despite these nightmarish experiences, Sinéad O’Connor’s resilience and remarkable musical talent eventually catapulted her to pop superstardom, becoming an iconic figure in the early 1990s. Her haunting rendition of Prince’s Nothing Compares 2 U topped the charts, bringing her immense fame and substantial wealth.

However, the scars of her past remained, and Sinéad found herself drawn into a cycle of psychiatric struggles. She spent significant time seeking help in mental health facilities, battling her demons and trying to make sense of her traumatic upbringing.

Embracing Islam, Sinéad O’Connor embarked on a spiritual journey that brought her solace and purpose. She eventually generously donated half of her substantial earnings to charities and individuals, following advice from a priest who suggested repaying the stolen money.

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Sinéad’s revelations in Rememberings paint a disturbing portrait of Marie O’Connor, a woman who seemed to undergo a dark transformation after her early years as a joyful and vibrant individual. Sinéad speculated that an internal malevolence possessed her mother, leading her down a path of cruelty and wickedness that deeply scarred her daughter’s life.

While her untimely passing leaves her family and friends in mourning, her courage in confronting her past serves as a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring power of art to heal even the deepest wounds.