Social media influencer Ari Fletcher allegedly leaked Influencer Taina Williams’ phone number on Instagram after the news of Rapper G Herbo and Williams’ breakup.

Fletcher is currently involved with Memphis rapper Moneybagg Yo, while G Herbo was previously with Williams, as per media speculations, they have reportedly broken up.

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Fletcher tweeted why she leaked Williams’ phone number. She tweeted, “My child was left in her care and she took my son outside somewhere and I called to talk to my son she had my number blocked and told herb mama I can’t have her number and to take it up with herb. If I can’t have a contact on who has my son because you don’t like me then you shouldn’t have my son. So now everybody got your number. Cause find somebody else to play with.

In a tweet, Fletcher expressed her concerns, saying that her child was left under someone’s care who took her son outside without her knowledge. When she tried to contact her son, she discovered that her number had been blocked.

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She added that the person in question told G Herbo’s mother that Fletcher was not permitted to have her number and directed her to speak with G Herbo about the situation instead. Fletcher stated her opinion that the person in charge of her son shouldn’t have custody of her child if she couldn’t have direct contact with them due to personal reasons. Therefore, in order to resolve the situation she involved more people, Fletcher hinted that she gave the person’s contact information to others.

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The surprising news of G Herbo and Williams’ breakup surfaced when the rapper posted “I’m single” on his Instagram Story, leaving many fans shocked. However, the most unexpected turn of events was Fletcher allegedly leaking Williams’ phone number, which occurred about a week after their alleged breakup.