Aaron Carter, the rapper who died on Saturday, did not have the best of relations with his brother, Nick Carter, the American singer with Backstreet Boys. Due to the deceased rapper’s troubles with substance abuse, he was not on good terms with his family members, including his brother Nick.

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Aaron even accused Nick of putting him under conservatorship, but multiple news outlets reported that it was not true. However, the relationship between Aaron and Nick turned sour to such an extent that at point Nick Carter was granted a restraining order against Aaron in 2019.

According to the order, Aaron was not allowed to contact his family for a one-year period. Another separate restraining order was granted to both Nick and their sister Angel Carter from Aaron in a case filed in a Los Angeles court in September 2019.

“I am devastated by what happened in court today. “My sister lied over and over in an effort to take away my 2nd amendment rights and she did it on behalf of my brother to silence me talking about how he raped and sexually assaulted multiple women,” Aaron had written in an Instagram post then.

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Nick had claimed that Aaron spoke to him about “harbouring thoughts and intentions” of killing his wife, who was pregnant then, as well as his unborn child. While Angel Carter had alleged that Aaron had threatened to kill her husband Corey Conrad and their daughter Harper, who was only eight months old then.

The relationship between Aaron and Angela turned so bad that at one point, he split with his fiancee Melanie Martin, just seven days after the birth of their son Prince, claiming that Melanie was in touch with Angel secretly. He accused Angel of meddling with his relationship.

Aaron, however, had denied all the allegations against him.