Deadpool is one of the most unique Marvel characters. He is the perfect postmodern superhero. In the comics, the character is depicted as having come out of the MCU in order to attack the writers and artists who created him in the first place. Such twists and turns are not unexpected in the world of Deadpool, and a recent Twitter exchange between Ryan Reynolds and Miss Minutes has sparked rumours that Wade Wilson could be visiting the Time Variance Authority (TVA) in Deadpool 3.

Check out the exchange between the duo right here:

For the uninitiated, Miss Minutes is an Artificial Intelligence within the Marvel Cinematic Universe created by the character He Who Remains. Miss Minutes works for the Time Variance Authority and can even enter the Citadel at the End of Time.

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Deadpool often breaks the fourth wall, and in the post-credit scene of Deadpool 2, we see Ryan Reynolds reading the script of the film Green Lantern when he is shot from behind at point-blank range by Deadpool. The first page of the screenplay gets covered with blood as Deadpool says, “You’re welcome, Canada”.

Some fans are of the opinion that since Deadpool went back in time and killed the actor who played him, he has now created a rupture in the timeline. This will result in him getting arrested by the TVA, and there he will meet Mobius.

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Although the makers of the film have not revealed anything in this regard yet, the Twitter exchange between Reynolds and Miss Minutes has sparked rumours that this could mean Loki can make an appearance in the third Deadpool film.

Loki was himself arrested by the TVA, and thus his story can collide with Deadpool’s if the two of them meet in prison.