September 5 is known as World Samosa Day. Here is a look at  different recipes for samosa such as Aloo Samosas, Maggi Samosas, Chili Samosas, Chocolate Samosas, Paneer Samosas, Pizza Samosas and Chole Samosas. For non-vegetarians, there are Fish Samosas, Keema Samosas, Egg Samosas and Chicken Samosas. 

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Recipes for veg samosa

Aloo Samosa

It is filled with aloo, masala powder, coriander, and other ingredients. 

Maggi Samosa

Maggi is prepared in the original process and stuffed into the samosa. 

Chilli Cheese Samosa

A mixture of cheese, boiled potatoes, and green chilies is put into the samosa and backed at 200 degrees C for 15 minutes. 

Chocolate Samosa

Melted chocolate and dry fruits are stuffed into the samosa and the chocolate melts after a bite. 

Paneer Samosa

Spicy paneer mixture with onion is stuffed into samosa and fried.

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Recipes for non-veg samosa

Fish Samosa

It is stuffed with poached fish, herbs, seasoning, and a bit of mashed potato.

Keema Samosa

It is filled with minced mutton and a melange of spices and yogurt. The samosa is left to dry and then fried in oil.

Egg Samosa

Scrambled eggs with masala, spices, and vegetables are stuffed into the samosa. 

Chicken Samosa

This samosa is filled with chicken pieces or chicken gravy. 

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