Street food always strikes a chord with people. Add to that a new combination of items, it becomes an instant hit. However, this is not always the case. In Ahmedabad, a vendor has gone viral for the unique item that he has put up on sale. An Oreo pakoda. Yes, you read that right. And, the
video of this dish is catching people’s attention on social media. Remember how chocolate samosa became a rage on social media.

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The combination of Oreo biscuit and besan (gram flour) failed to strike a chord with the users on social media.

Amar Sirohi, a food vlogger, shared the dish on his YouTube channel. This dish has not only left the foodies unhappy but also the vloggers.

In the video, the vendor can be seen taking an Oreo biscuit
out of a packet. These biscuits are
mixed with gram flour and then fried in oil. The fried food is then served with green chili.

The camera
then goes to a stall in Ahmedabad by the name of “Rokadiya Bhajiya”
where the dish is being served.  In the 3:27-minute
clip, the food vlogger shows the “Oreo Biscuit Pakoda” being made and
served.  After purchasing a 20 rupees
plate, he tastes the Oreo Biscuit Pakoda before sharing his review.

Watch the video to believe.

 The video has received over 92,000 views so
far and has driven pakode lovers crazy.  This new ‘Oreo Biscuit pakoda has changed the
concept of making pakode.

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As soon as the
video went viral on internet, food lovers could not control themselves as people
vented anger in the comments section. One user wrote “That’s why Thanos
erased half of the population”, meanwhile another user wrote”Oreo be
like:- maa meri shaktiyo ka galat istemal ho rha hai”. “Humanity is
evolving…just backwards,” a user said.