Popular streamer IShowSpeed In an unexpected turn of events, exposed himself to a large audience of viewers, shocking both him and his followers.

After the incident, “IShowMeat” started trending on X, in an attempt to troll the streamer. The trend gathered a lot of traction on social media platforms. There were close to 25,000 viewers when the incident happened. Several fans and viewers started reacting to the incident and shared their views on it.

One user wrote, “ishowspeed when he realizes he has to deal with the “ishowmeat” allegations forever 😭”

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“ishowspeed when he realizes people just gonna call him ishowmeat from now on 😭” another X user tweeted.

One user wrote, “ishowspeed trying to login to YouTube tomorrow”

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Another X user taking a sarcastic jibe at the streamer wrote, “Ishowspeed fans at school tomorrow knowing hes banned from streaming”

Speed allegedly streamed on Twitch at the time of the event. The streamer is likely to face a near-permanent ban in the following days due to the nature of the incident, though no formal announcement has yet been made.

There has also been a considerable reaction from the audience, with many people jokingly speculating that this event would be proof of Speed’s possible switch to Kick. Although Kick is known for its lax approach to content regulation, it nonetheless upholds some boundaries to stop behavior that can result in age restrictions or the site being shut down.

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This incident occurred after IShowSpeed recently resumed streaming, which followed a stay in the hospital due to a serious sinus infection. He struggled with a severe headache and a large swelling in his right eye while in the hospital, even voicing worries for his safety. 

He has since recovered and started streaming again on August 15. This follows his success in gaining 19 million YouTube subscribers.