A man who shot a YouTube prankster who had been following him through a shopping center food court received a not-guilty verdict from a US jury. He has been identified as Alan Colie.

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Who is Alan Colie?  

Alan Colie is 31 years old. He was found not guilty of aggravated intentional wounding. Two minor gun counts caused the jury to split, with one charge leading to the defendant’s conviction and the other leading to his acquittal.

Tanner Cook, a 21-year-old YouTuber famous for his Classified Goons channel, which boasts over 50,000 subscribers, was involved in the incident. 

Shoppers experienced considerable terror following the incident, which happened on April 2nd at Dulles Town Center to the west of Washington, DC. They anticipated a potential mass shooting.

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Adam Pouilliard, the defense attorney, claimed in his closing remarks on Thursday that his client felt scared by Cook, during the incident. This altercation was staged to elicit a response and draw views to Cook’s YouTube channel.

A video of the incident, which showed the brief altercation between Colie and Cook that lasted less than 30 seconds, was played for the jury.

In the footage, Cook can be seen hovering over Colie as he approaches Colie, who is in the middle of delivering food. Colie’s face is only a few inches away from Cook’s phone.

The phone plays the words “Hey dip****, quit thinking about my twinkle” constantly using Google Translate software.

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Cook continues to move closer to Colie despite Colie’s repeated requests to “stop” and his efforts to get away from him.

Then Colie tries to knock the phone off of his face. He quickly pulls out his gun and fires a shot into Cook’s lower left chest. Between drawing the weapon and firing the shot, there is no apparent halt in the action.