Authorities have named the 24-year-old man who was captured in Ellis County after a protracted manhunt. The man has been identified as Lorenzo Marquez Jr.

The incident started soon after 1 p.m. when the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office was informed by the Navarro County Sheriff’s Office that a person in a flatbed tow truck had collided with a Rice police officer’s patrol car.

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Who is Lorenzo Marquez Jr?

Lorenzo Marquez Jr. is 24 years old. The pickup was last seen traveling north on Oak Grove Road into Ellis County as the suspect escaped the area.

A short while later, a deputy from the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office observed the truck disobeying a stop sign in Ennis, close to the intersection of Highway 287 and Ensign Road. The truck then violently crashed with the deputy’s car, prompting him to fire. According to law enforcement, the impact propelled the police car 38 feet.

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The suspect continued heading north, and a DPS officer later saw the truck close to Nesuda Road on Highway 287. The truck rolled off the service road and into a field as Marquez tried to elude the trooper but lost control. Marquez then sprinted towards some trees close to Bardwell Lake.

Several law enforcement agencies arrived on the site quickly and set up a search perimeter.

The Texas Department of Corrections K9/Mounted Unit spotted Marquez close to the lake after many hours of diligent searching just before 7:30 p.m. Without additional incident, he was captured.

Marquez was then taken to a hospital to obtain medical attention for the injuries he incurred in the collision. Authorities made it clear that he was unharmed by gunfire.

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Marquez now faces an extra allegation of aggravated violence against a public official after being sought for a probation violation connected to a burglary charge in Dallas County. When Marquez leaves the hospital where he is currently being treated, he will be processed and lodged at the Waxahachie Wayne McCollum Detention Center.