Indians are a little emotional when it comes to food. Now imagine what will happen if someone says they can make Indian delicacies better than Indians! Now that’s inviting trouble. Something similar happened with a tweet that has triggered mass outraged on the social media platform. The post claims that a New York-based restaurant offers “world’s best Indian food.”

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The tweet, published by a media publication Bloomberg on July 24, featured a link to an article titled ‘New York Now Has Better Indian Food Than London’. However, what riled Indian food lovers was the tweet’s caption that said, “The world’s best Indian food is in New York City.’ Here’s the divisive tweet.

While some users sought corrections to the blunder, some users as usual had come up with hilarious responses that will leave you in splits. 

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One Indian Twitter user suggesting that her Nani (grandmother) cooks the best Indian food in the world said, ‘Bloomberg has clearly not met my nani.”

Another user fought for India with such passion that he decided to troll New York in the process. Here is what he said, “The world’s best Empire State Building is Qutub Minar.”

Serving you some fresh trolls seasoned with a pinch of sarcasm. 

“Have you ever explored the possibility that best Indian food might be present in India. Is India not a part of your definition of ‘the world’?”, tweeted another user

The article under heat, authored by Bobby Ghosh, talks about a Rajasthani rabbit dish at a New York restaurant of which “there is nothing like it in London, or even New Delhi.”