The mysterious disease that caused havoc in the town of Eluru in December 2020 has once again surfaced in a villages in the West Godavari district, ANI reported.

According to the news agency, the patients are being shifted to a government hospital in Eluru. On receiving knowledge of the matter, CM Jagan Mohan Reddy sent officials to Eluru to monitor situation.

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The Times of India also reported that 20 people in Komirepalli village in Denduluru mandal of West Godavari district were suffering from symptoms such as convulsions, dizziness, seizures, and nausea, which were similar to the symptoms recorded when over 600 people were admitted to hospitals back in December last year. The town of Eluru had been caught in the grips of this mysterious disease for almost a week. Several national and local agencies had collected tests and conducted samples during that duration. 

According to PTI, experts from AIIMS, New Delhi, the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, the National Institute of Nutrition and other research organisations had confirmed the presence of pesticide residues, organochlorine, lead and nickel in blood, milk and vegetables.