We all crave long and undisturbed sleep but stress and responsibilities come in the way. Dixa Bhavsar, an Ayurvedic doctor, shares five common mistakes that people make due to which their sleep is interrupted. 

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1. Caffeine:

She says that intake of caffeine afternoon is a big disruptor. She suggests avoiding drinking tea or coffee afternoon.

2. Intense workout after sunset:

Exercise makes us feel energetic, and a heavy workout during the evening hours can lead to insomnia and other sleeping issues. The more we work out the more active our mind becomes and makes it difficult to shut it down at bedtime.

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3. Heavy/late dinner:

Bhavsar says that our digestive system does not work well after sunset and suggests having a light dinner prior to sunset or within one or two hours after sunset. She says that heavy dinners may cause bloating, uneasiness, discomfort in the abdomen, digestive issues, belly fat, fatty liver, high cholesterol, and other issues.

4. Screen time:

Avoid using electronic gadgets one hour prior to bedtime. This relaxes our minds and helps us have a good sleep. The blue light from gadgets reduces the level of melatonin hormone due to which we may not get good sleep. Reducing our screen time before bed also reduces cortisol (stress hormone), says Bhavsar.

5. No exposure to daylight:

Exposing ourselves to the sun in the morning or evening helps us have good sleep. This practice also helps to set our body’s daily circadian rhythm.