Back pain is
a common orthopedic problem among the urban population, its incidence having
grown as work from home increased after the lockdown.  Sitting in the
wrong position can cause back pain.  This can also lead to neck pain and,
when severe, headache.

Long hours
of work or study without a supportive chair can lead to severe back pain. Dr.
Dixa Bhavsar, an Ayurvedic doctor, has shared on Instagram some tips for relief
from back pain.

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Check out
the Instagram post here:

Check out
the Instagram post here:

      Don’t use a pillow when you sleep.

      Practise Makarasana, Shalabhasana, Markatasana,
Bhujangasana daily.

      Don’t sit in the same position for more than 2 hours. Take
a break for 5 minutes and stretch regularly.

      Abhyanga (massaging your back) with oil helps.

      Ayurvedic oils to relieve backache are: Mahanarayan oil,
Ashwagandha oil and Dhanwantaram oil

      You can also use sesame/mustard oil.

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”If your
backache is due to nerve compression or if it is chronic, then Ayurveda
medication along with these tips can help you manage your pain effectively,” Dr
Bhavsar says.

The concept
of keeping the head, shoulders and hips in a straight line is easy to
understand.  Most people find it difficult to maintain a good
posture.  It takes about three weeks of effort to get control of good
posture.  Correct posture can go a long way in relieving you of back pain.

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Back pain can be linked to stress, tension, and other non-physical
problems, Robertson says. Massages and acupuncture may help loosen
muscles. Yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness practices may help
lift your mood, stretch your muscles, and make you relax so you can better
manage your back pain.

breaks one should do short exercises that focus on the neck, shoulders and
back.  Your physiotherapist should be able to design an appropriate set of
exercises for you.