Winter has
just arrived in India and the cold weather has started affecting people’s skin,
especially those with dry skin.  The cold and dry weather causes skin to
become dry, losing moisture and natural oils.  It becomes important to
take care of your skin during winter.  Use these skin care tips to keep
your skin glowing.

Use moisturizer on the skin during winter. If your skin
is very dry, you can use a moisturizer containing Vitamin E.

Coconut Oil:
Along with making the skin healthy, it enhances complexion.  To get rid of
dry skin, you can apply coconut oil on your body before bathing. 

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Mild scrub:
You can use a mild scrub in winters to remove dead skin.  If you want, you
can make a mild scrub at home and.

massage: You can also massage your skin with milk to get rid of dry skin.
Gently massage the milk on the skin with your hands.  Afterwards wash the
skin with lukewarm water.  You can apply milk on the skin before sleeping
at night.

Use lip
balm: You can use natural lip balm or petroleum jelly to prevent chapped lips in

It is a must during the day. Use a broad coverage high SPF sunscreen.

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oils: Cold pressed oils like jojoba oil and sandalwood are good for dry
skin. Few drops of facial oil post toner will bring a new life to the dull
skin. Lips, hands, legs, and feet deserve the same care as your facial

heaters: Although it is tempting to stay close to the heater during the colder
months, hot air simply absorbs moisture from your skin and makes it dry. If you
have to change the heater, then use a humidifier with it or place a large
container of water in the room.