It is difficult to
eat the same kind of food every day, even when you are on a healthy diet. That
is why experts say that indulging in cheat meals every once a while is okay.
However, even with a good diet plan, how you balance cheat meals and make
sure that you do not overeat or overindulge is important. 

Nutritionists suggest some effective methods to
counteract your cheat meals so that you do not feel guilty later.

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Fasting helps to
reverse a lot of the harmful effects of eating junk food. So, 16 hours of
fasting after your cheat meal is the one of the best methods to break the
craving cycle and go back to the routine again.

2. Protein and

The second method
is to choose a high protein and vegetables diet plan on the next day of your
cheat meal. It will help to keep your insulin level from spiking.

Cheat meals contain
a lot of bad calories, so follow it up with a low calorie day and it will help
you to balance your calories intake.

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3. Low-calorie diet

Try to choose
low-calorie, high-fibre foods to balance your cheat meal. Fibre will give your
stomach the fullness it needs. You can add psyllium husk to your food
preparation or eat it with water before a meal.

4. Burn the

Returning to a
regular routine  the day after a cheat meal means you don’t miss out on
your workout. If you are not doing exercise, then walking for 60 minutes will
help you to burn a lot of calories.

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5. Hydrate

Fast foods contain
a lot of salt and sugar. The best method to flush these toxins out of your
system is by drinking water. Try to drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water after
your cheat day.