Although eating raw meat is becoming more and more popular, one fitness trainer has taken things a step further. The Testicle King, who has almost a million Instagram followers, is well-known for his “favorite bedtime snack”: testicles. Here is more about the eccentric:

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Who is the Testicle King?

Pauly Long, 31, is a full-time content maker who is originally from Philadelphia. On April 18, 2022, his video of him consuming a raw goat testicle made headlines. This man, often referred to as the “testicle king,” relies primarily mostly on a diet of raw flesh and animal genitalia. Today, Pauly hasn’t looked back since April 2022 when he started his carnivore journey.

The 31-year-old video creator claims that having the shredded physique is a result of his abnormal lifestyle. His daily meals include six to eight eggs, four to six pieces of bacon, a large steak, and raw organ meat. The influencer also consumes 650ml of raw goat milk, 500g of salmon sashimi, or a whole roasted chicken.

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“People always call me Dahmer, in reference to Jeffery Dahmer and the Netflix show that came out about him last year, since I eat animal organs,” said Pauly. “They say I’m going to die, or simply just ask why and how I have not died yet. The list goes on and on and on and honestly, I don’t care at this point, it just tells me I’m on the right track and growing every day. If you don’t have haters, you’re not doing enough. And if you do have haters, you’re doing something right.”

Pauly’s supporters have expressed appreciation for him, and some even claim that he has impacted their lives.

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“The best comments are people who support me and tell me how much they love watching me,” he said. “They tell me how much I positively impact them on a daily basis by posting my content which encourages people to be healthy and eat well and try new things. I’ve influenced tons of people to get healthy and try this diet. I’ve had tons of them reach out to me personally and thank me for it, as well as in my comments.”