Something called the ‘lion diet’ or the ‘carnivore diet’ has gone viral on TikTok as teenagers claimed that it can lead to “miraculous health benefits.”

The diet trend with the hashtag “theliondiet” has gathered nearly 15 million views and counting on the platform. When one TikToker, who goes by the name of @roryskitchen attempted to explain the “lion diet” in a video, that video ended up reaching almost ten million views on the platform.

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What is the Lion Diet?

The name of the diet is the biggest hint as to the rules of the diet. Under the diet, one can only consume “ruminant” animals which are herbivorous mammals like sheep, goats, and bison. One cannot eat any fruits, vegetables, or aerated beverages. And the allowed seasoning for their food would be salt. 

It is a 30-day health challenge. 

“As someone who is intolerant to everything under the sun, I thought it was my duty to try this diet to see if it would fix any of my health problems,” @roryskitchen said in one of his first TikTok video documenting himself taking the challenge. 

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@roryskitchen, who has 221,000 followers and 2.8 million likes on TikTok said he started the diet to try and cure his “inflamed and leaky gut, autoimmune symptoms and health conditions.” He was also curious about how his excrement would be affected by a diet of only meat, salt, and water.

The TikToker claimed to have gained a number of health benefits from the diet. For example, he claimed that he had “the best night of sleep” on the first day of his carnivorous diet. Later, he said his bowels were more regularized when compared to how they were before he began the diet. 

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He explained that Daily Wire+ host Jordan Peterson and his daughter, podcaster Mikhaila Peterson, inspired him to start the “lion diet.” “I kept seeing clips of @mikhailapeterson and Jordan B Peterson floating around on my FYP, Reels & Shorts talking about how they healed chronic auto-immune conditions eating this way,” he wrote in a caption. 

Jordan said that he “stopped snoring the first week” of the “lion diet.” Mikhaila similarly touted the diet in a TEDx talk, saying that she had her “depression went away” and that her “fatigue went away for the first time since Grade 8.”