Sonam Kapoor is renowned for her realistic interpretation of beauty, her ability to embrace her flaws before an audience is uncommon in an industry such as hers. Bollywood is known for its rigorous implementation of Eurocentric beauty standards, particularly with regards to women. “Vanity Vignettes”, an Instagram series created by Sonam gives her fans a glimpse into her beauty and skincare regimen. A few highlights from the series include the following:

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  • Her holy grail products

The first episode of her series delves into her favourite beauty products, including both luxury and drugstore products ranging from the Tom Ford lipstick in the shade “Casa Blanca” to a mascara from Maybelline. Sonam also remarks that a sugar-free diet is essential to keep her skin healthy.

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  • Lip exfoliation

Sonam also dives into the details of her lip care routine, namely using a DIY lip scrub of sugar and honey. Alternatively, she uses a lip scrub called “The Kiss” from Lush, followed by a lip treatment which could either be coconut oil or Elizabeth Arden’s ‘8-Hour Cream’. Her last step includes lip tints from Hourglass cosmetics.

  • Skincare

Moving on to her skincare routine, Sonam names the necessary elements for healthy skin, which she divides into dietary necessities and topical skincare essentials. The former involves the consumption of Omegas and fibre, while the latter consists of vitamin C, sunscreen, and a lip balm or tint.

  • Cleansing and Masking

Sonam demonstrates the importance of having a cleansing routine, using makeup removers by L’Oreal Paris and Skinesis, followed by a cleanser from Cetaphil. She elaborates on the DIY face masks she uses, such as Multani Mitti or a Green Clay face mask. Her DIY scrub uses kitchen ingredients: besan (gram flour), sandalwood powder, rose water, milk, and haldi (turmeric).