Just weeks before he and his wife announced their divorce, Sanna Marin’s husband was photographed in a nightclub with his arm around an unidentified lady.

The Indian woman is rumored to have been on vacation in Finland with Bollywood stars Rakul Preet and Pragya Jaiswal. Businessman Markus Räikkönen, 37, was reportedly flirting and dancing passionately with her.

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In the early morning hours, they were reportedly standing at the bar of the Post nightclub in Helsinki when he reportedly attempted to kiss her while intoxicated. However, she reportedly rejected his efforts.

The interaction took place in the months preceding up to their final announcement last week that they were divorcing after 19 years of marriage, when Räikkönen and Marin, 37, seemed to be mostly pursuing different lives.

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It came after the infamous films of Marin dancing passionately with famous friends were made public in August of last year. Earlier, Marin had hosted a party at the official residence of the prime minister for them, when a supermodel guest and another friend brazenly displayed their breasts.

Marin is believed to have spent Easter last month resting in Paris with a group of friends while her husband stayed in Finland, which is apparently another indication of the increasing fractures in her marriage.

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Ilmari Nurminen, a fellow Social Democratic Party member from Finland who is 32 years old, was among the friends who went on the vacation. Marin has referred to Ilmari as her “bestie,” though there is no indication that they are dating.

According to reports, the Indian woman who performed a dance routine with Räikkönen traveled to Finland in March for a winter vacation with actors from the Bollywood film business Rakul Preet and Pragya Jaiswal.

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At the renowned Asian cuisine Farang restaurant in Helsinki, led by Finnish celebrity chef Tomi Björck, the group met up with the prime minister’s husband and chef Mikael Mihailov, also known as Mr. Caviar.

Whatta great night, namaste, Mihailov captioned an Instagram photo of him and Räikkönen posing with the females on the restaurant’s steps.

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The following night, Räikkönen went to the Post nightclub with a woman who was traveling with the Bollywood celebrities, according to the Finnish tabloid Seskia.

According to the magazine, the couple entered the club around midnight and stayed there until well after 4am.

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At the pub, where he was seen holding her around the hips, he was seen with the woman who isn’t thought to be an actress.

Rakul Preet, who has 23 million Instagram followers, shared a number of photos and videos of her and her friends having fun on a trip in the snow, which the Indian showbiz media eagerly covered.

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Marin and her ex footballer spouse, who have been together since they were 18 but were only wed three years ago, announced their divorce on Instagram this week without providing any other information.

Ilmari Nurminen, a longtime friend and fellow politician, is referred to as “Party-Ilmari” on social media in Finland since he frequently hangs out with the prime minister.