A horrific shooting incident occurred during a birthday party at a Spring Valley home on Saturday night. The incident left five people injured out of which one is in critical condition.

Five individuals were injured when gunfire broke out at a Spring Valley home on Saturday night during a birthday celebration. As of Sunday afternoon, one guy among the victims was described as critically ill, according to sheriff’s officials.

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Around eight o’clock at night, something happened at a house on Ildica Street close to Berkview Lane, which is east of State Route 125. The gunshot has been classified by authorities as an “isolated incident,” indicating that no public threat has been discovered.

According to Zarnow, some deputies gave the victims prompt medical attention by putting tourniquets to stem the bleeding as others searched for the shooters. All five gunshot victims were brought to hospitals by emergency medical services. 

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As of Sunday afternoon, one of them, a 26-year-old guy, was reportedly in severe condition. The two women, ages 30 and 27, and the two guys, ages 35 and 30, who were the remaining victims, only had minor wounds. Two teenage males who were at the celebration also got medical attention for burns on their hands from fireworks.

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Meanwhile, another shooting incident occurred at a New York City park. Over the weekend, a daring event occurred inside Prospect Park in New York City when a gunman opened fire in broad daylight. The incident occurred on Sunday just after 3 p.m. near the intersection of Ocean Avenue and Parkside Avenue, according to police reports. 

After receiving a single gunshot wound to the leg, the 37-year-old victim was rushed to Methodist Hospital right away, where his condition is stable. Three people were seen running away from the incident in the direction of Coney Island Avenue. The inquiry is still underway, and as of Sunday night, no one has been taken into custody.