Winter is the perfect time to enjoy citrus fruits. Oranges are one of the best citrus
fruits available. From dry skin to a weak digestive system, oranges are the best
home remedy for many problems.

According to
the book ‘Healing Foods’ by DK Publishing, the rich vitamin content in oranges
helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, kidney stones, and infections of all
kinds.  Besides, it also helps to boost digestion and comprises alkalising
and detoxifying properties that help to keep our body healthy.

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Let’s take a
look at the health benefits of eating oranges during winter

#1 Helps to
reduce weight

The fibre
present in oranges helps us reduce weight and improve our digestive health.
Soluble fibre keeps us full for longer, thus preventing hunger pangs and
overeating. Orange also leads to a lower intake of calories. The fibre tends to
add bulk, helping promote good digestive health.

If you take
oranges in the form of juice, then make sure you don’t remove the pulp because
that’s where most of the fibre is present.

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#2 Vitamin C
for the skin

Vitamin C
present in oranges  provides protection against bacteria while
offering  a boost to the immune system. Eating oranges helps to improve
your skin health.

#3 Prevent
from common flu

Cold is a condition that is common during winters. According to
a study, published in Harvard Health Publishing by Harvard Medical School,
Vitamin C is beneficial when it comes to common colds.

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#4 Boosts
heart health

According to
a study published in Science Daily by the American Heart Association, eating
citrus fruits, especially oranges and grapes, can help reduce the risk of
stroke. It is believed that flavonoids in oranges protect against heart

The benefits
may include improved blood vessel function and anti-inflammatory effect on the