Greenpeace has shared a short film on social media that employs 300 illuminated drones to generate 3D moving pictures of animals arriving in Cornwall from all around the world, asking that the G7 countries improve their climate aspirations.

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Hannah Peel, who has also worked on Game of Thrones, composed the music for the film, which is narrated by children.

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It calls on the G7 leaders gathering in Cornwall, south-west England, to “act now” to promote a green recovery from COVID-19. Greenpeace is urging the G7 to make ambitious climate promises and to follow through on them.

“Once upon a time, world leaders gathered in Cornwall to decide our future,” a young narrator says at the beginning of the video.

Leaders are advised to “perform their duties” and “fight for the Earth,” according to the report. During the last sequence of the drone display, a child says “hope comes from action, not words”.

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“This film is a beautiful amalgamation of art, activism and cutting-edge technology, but its message is simple. World leaders must act now if we are to tackle the climate and nature crisis,” told Greenpeace UK’s senior climate campaigner, Ariana Densham to The National.

“The G7 cannot be another target-setting exercise resulting only in wasted time, political chest-thumping, and more empty promises that might as well be written in the sand of Carbis Bay beach,” she added.

Greenpeace wants the G7 to immediately stop all new fossil fuel projects and provide sufficient support to communities transitioning to green industries, among other proposals.

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“Leaders must make good on, and increase, the promised $100 billion per year in climate finance to countries hardest hit by the climate crisis, as well as cancel all debt for the Global South and honour international aid commitments,” Greenpeace said to The National.