Every year on December 1, the world celebrates World AIDS Day, to unite and show support for people suffering from HIV-AIDS and those who lost their lives due to it. 

This year’s theme for World AIDS Day is Equalize. “The Equalize slogan is a call to action. It is a prompt for all of us to work for the proven practical actions needed to address inequalities and help end AIDS,” the UN said. 

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The findings of Dangerous Inequalities, the UNAIDS World AIDS Day report 2022, suggest that inequalities impede the end of AIDS, and if the world follows the current trends, we will not be able to meet the global targets on AIDS, primarily the total eradication of it. 

A number of reasons impede the eradication of HIV, including inequality, division, and contempt for human rights. UNAIDS aims to appeal to all citizens to address these disparities. 

Ensuring the widespread availability, better quality, and acceptability of HIV treatments and tests will make sure that everyone is well served. The isolation and prejudice that the people who go through HIV have to face can be addressed with reformed laws and policies that take an inclusive approach. 

Approximately 38 million people globally suffer through HIV. Despite the virus being discovered in 1984, it has taken the lives of about 35 million people. 

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Through technological advancements and legislation protecting the rights of people who are HIV-positive, the world has seen a change in the perception of this virus. Despite that, a societal stigma exists that aids the discrimination of individuals with HIV. 

The National AIDS Trust commits itself to stopping rising cases of HIV, securing the rights of people going through HIV, and breaking the taboo and stigma around it. The 2022 theme aims to address the inequalities that aid the global HIV pandemic.