Head coach of Australia cricket team Justin
Langer’s coaching style, involving large degrees of ‘micro management’, have
borne ill-effects within the team, PTI reported.

The issue came to light through a
report in the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ on Saturday, where multiple sources close
to the Australian cricket machinery stated that several players are not happy
with Langer’s style of management, mostly due to his intensity.

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A series-loss at home to a medically
troubled Indian squad by a margin of 2-1 have seemingly brought the discussion
out in the open.

“Dressing-room sources say that
over a gruelling summer, Langer’s management style wore thin with some players,
who on top of having to live in a bubble for months on end say they have become
drained by his intensity and mood swings,” PTI quoted the SMH report as

It further added that certain senior
players are exasperated with the coach’s shifting temperament and micro-managing
habit, which has been particularly brutal for bowlers, as the latter are
reportedly advised in specifics such as “where to bowl at lunch breaks”.

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Langer, though, denied the
allegations that have sprouted up against him.

The former Australian said that the allegations
could not be further from the truth, and adding that “leadership isn’t a
popularity contest”.

Significantly, Langer further
defended himself by saying, “If players just want someone to tickle their
stomachs all the time then I’m not doing my job”, as reported by PTI.

The former left-handed Australia
opener still has 18 months left in his contract.