Three passengers on a Go First airways flight from Dehradun to Bombay allegedly fainted after the air conditioning system on the plane failed mid-air. 

A video of the incident, shared by actor and social media influencer Roshni Walia, showed passengers complaining about the aircraft’s air conditioner. 

“Go First Airways G8 2316 was one of the worst experiences!With Ac’s not working & a full flight,suffocation struck passengers had no way out,sweating profusely paranoid passengers were on the verge of collapsing.3 ppl fainted,a chemo patient couldn’t even breathe,” Roshni captioned the video. 

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In the video, a female passenger can be seen sharing the details of what is happening on the plane.

“Everybody is feeling so hot…flight took off 5:30, it’s 6:20 now, yet AC is not working. A cancer patient is feeling claustrophobic. The flight should never have taken off if the AC wasn’t working. We paid ₹ 12,000 for one-way ticket. For what? Please do something, take action Go First,” she says in the video, which was shared on June 16. 

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In the clip, she can be seen helping a distressed woman to walk down the aisle of the aircraft before helping her get some air using paper.

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Go First Airways replied to the post and told the passengers to share the details of the flight so they could look into the matter.

“Hi, we thank you for reaching out to us, and we are with you in your time of need. Kindly share your PNR, contact number, and email ID via DM so our team can take a look,” the airline said.