Dogs are, without a doubt, amazing friends who are also full of love and generosity. That’s why beautiful dog videos are among the most popular and well-liked animal videos on the internet. A video of a pet dog dominating the show as it dances with its people on their wedding day will undoubtedly make you grin.

In the video, the couple is seen carrying their puppy between them as they head to their first dance to Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud. The Golden Retriever puts its head on the bride and then licks the groom’s face, after which the pair kisses him. Stephanie and Greg Chabursky of Ottawa, Canada, welcomed the lovely Golden Retriever Bear into their household in 2020, according to a People story.

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The video was shared on Instagram on March 10 by the account goldenretriever_lilly, with the caption “THIS IS EVERYTHING.”

“Bear was the one who decided to join us. Anytime Greg and I hug at home, he jumps up on us, asking us to join our hug. This was no different during our first dance. He jumped up on Greg and asked to join us. Greg picked him up as per usual and put him right between us, and that’s when Bear just cuddled in and enjoyed the dance,” Stephanie told People.

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The video has gone viral, and some people adored the adorable little family, while others claimed that humans do not deserve a dog’s pure and innocent devotion. “The ultimate party and wedding crashed, and there’s no shame in it,” one person said. “OMG so precious love this, Love his head on your shoulder,” a third said. “So adorable their kid. What a lovely family” commented a user.

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“Bear makes us so happy and instantly makes our bad days better, so we decided we wanted to share that with those who don’t have the opportunity to own a dog,” Stephanie said.