Twin sisters Kiran and Nivi, who have been charming the internet with their voice since last year after going viral for a rendition of Eminem’s ‘Rap God’, are back again with a song on Valentine’s Day. The new song came before people’s eye after Instagram shared it, which was originally shared on the twin sisters’ personal profile

Sharing the video, Instagram wrote, “Happy Valentine’s Day! Lucky for twin sisters Kiran and Nivi (@kiranandnivi) they’re built-in best friends, musical collaborators… and valentines.”

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“Before we could speak, we started to sing. And being a duo, we both have our own opinions and tastes that blend into our own style. We want to show that music can bring people together,”⁣⁣ the caption read, explaining the sisters’ bond over music. 

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“This feels especially important to remember when many people might not be able to get together IRL this Valentine’s Day,” the caption read,” the caption read.

“I think this is the time most of us have realized what love is and how grateful we should be for the meaningful relationships that we have made throughout our life.”⁣⁣

“Share this musical message with the people you care about and spread a little love. (We could all use it.)⁣⁣,” Instagram further wrote. 

The video has got over 123,000 likes as it has also got several comments appreciating the duo’s talents.