“Battlegrounds Mobile India, PUBG Mobile launched for verified gamers and streamers in India Thursday. The game was expected to see a June 18 launch for all users. However, there is no official confirmation by the game’s makers – South Korean video game holding company Krafton Inc yet.u00a0. PUBG Mobile was banned in India in September last year under Section 69A of the Information Technology (IT) Act. Also read:u00a06 easy steps to recover your old pubg account. How did we arrive at June 18 as the launch date?. No official statement has been made yet. However, fans and gamers across India arrived at the date using various deductions.u00a0. According to the first theory, June 18 as the launch date checks out as it falls right after a month from the day the pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India began. Also read:u00a0Battlegrounds Mobile India will use OTP authentication to log in: Report. A professional E-sports caster and gamer, when asked about the data, tweeted a binary code. When converted into decimals, the code reveals June 18 as the launch date.u00a0. One more theory points out as a social media post by PUBG’s makers. A social media post shared by Krafton showedu00a0the Thinking Man statue, modified to look like a Battlegrounds Mobile India character wearing a level 3 helmet. u201cThinking about the perfect landing, playing with your squad, finding the best loot? The Battlegrounds is going to be filled with so many exciting moments and much more. The time is getting closer than you think!u201d the caption read. Several Twitter deduced that because the ‘The Thinker’ statue was commissioned in 1880, June 18 is the likely date of the game’s launch. #PUBG #BattlegroundsMobile #MobileGames #Games #Videogamesu00a0.”