‘Queen’ actor Kangana Ranaut slammed author Chetan Bhagat after the latter claimed that Pfizer and Moderna are the best coronavirus vaccines. She asked the author to ‘stop hating India’ and ‘being a pest’. 

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Chetan Bhagat tweeted about how he believes that Indians deserve the best vaccine dose in form of Moderna and Pfizer.

“Pfizer and Moderna are the best vaccines. They have been out since Dec-2020. Why don’t we have them in India yet? Do we not deserve the best? Don’t we buy defense equipment from abroad? Is this not a war-like situation? Why does the vaccine have to be made here and only here?” Chetan Bhagat wrote. 

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Hours later, Kangana Ranaut hit back at him saying that the ‘Half Girlfriend’ author was being a pest. She claimed that her friends vaccinated with Moderna and Pfizer had experienced worse fevers and body aches. Ranaut said that the Indian vaccines are in demand throughout the world and this is the time to boost the economy. 

This squabble between Chetan Bhagat and Kangana Ranaut comes as India officially kicked off the registration process for the third phase of the vaccination drive on Wednesday. 

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 Kangana Ranaut had also shared a video appealing to everyone eligible to register for the COVID-19 vaccination drive that is open for those above the age of 18 years from May 1. She also urged her fans to stay away from fake rumours about the vaccines. 

Just minutes after registration for coronavirus vaccination of those above 18 began at 4 pm began on the CoWin portal, it crashed, possibly because of the massive traffic on the server.