A text exchange showing businessman and investor Mark Cuban refusing to get interviewed by journalist Layah Heilpern till she gets vaccinated has gone viral.

A screenshot of the text messages shared by Heilpern on Telegram showed that she approached Cuban for an interview for the first time back in March 2021. Back then, he simply told her that he was “swamped” and to reach out to him again in May.

As per the screenshot, the next time that Heilpern communicated with Cuban again was in August 2021. She said that she was “keen” to host him on her show and talk about cryptocurrency with him. “When you get vaccinated and tell others to do the same I will come on,” he replied.

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Heilpern, however, pressed him on, saying, “No problem, that’s fair enough, you’re entitled to your view. However, you’re more than welcome to come on my show and tell me why I should get vaccinated and tell others to do the same. And I will challenge and debate you on this. I think this will be very interesting, especially since nobody is willing to have an open dialogue on this subject.”

“Not my offer. I won’t do it if you are not. Your choice” replied Cuban, rejecting her interview offer once more.

Heilpern grew curious as to where Cuban has got the information about her vaccine status. “Hey Mark, out of curiosity, where did get this information on my vaccine status? I don’t ever recall sharing that personal information or having an ‘antivax’ option,” she wrote to which, Cuban might or might not have replied.

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Co-owner of Trending Politics, Collin Rugg also tweeted that Cuban then went a step further and said he wouldn’t “support people who haven’t been vaccinated.”

Here are a few reactions to the screenshots which have gone viral: