KBC 14: What was the name of the operation carried out by the government of India to safely bring back Indians from war-torn Ukraine?


Operation Ganga

Operation Sukoon

Operation Kyiv 

Operation Raahat 

Answer: Operation Ganga

In the midst of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Indian government launched ‘Operation Ganga,’ an effort to safely bring back Indian students and citizens stranded in several towns across Ukraine.

About 20,000 Indian nationals lived in Ukraine, with little over 18,000 of them being students.

At the time of the Russian invasion, around 16,000 Indian people were present in Ukraine. Around 18,000 people had crossed the Ukrainian border by March 5. However, students still in Ukraine, including as those in Sumy, had demanded an emergency evacuation.

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The Indian Ministry of Defence issued a survival advise for individuals remained in Ukraine, specifically Kharkiv, on March 2, following an embassy advisory to “Leave Kharkiv Immediately.” 

Around 16,000 Indians were brought to India in 76 aircraft by March 6. 

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On March 8, the MEA announced that all students in Sumy have been moved facilitated by humanitarian corridors.

On March 11, three evacuation flights carrying the last batches of Indian nationals from Ukraine including around 600 students arrived in India.

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Ukraine had closed its airspace for civilian aircraft after Russia began the military operation.

“Nearly 8,000 Indians evacuated through Romania. The last special flight will depart from Bucharest today. We express our gratitude to the government and people of Romania for their help. Long live India-Romania friendship!,” the Indian embassy in Romania had tweeted.