The big fat Indian weddings are always looked forward to, not only for the delicious food or the deafeningly loud music, but also for the fun antics that the family members surprisingly roleplay. From watching excited relatives dancing around in their own styles to showing off one’s best outfit and efforts in dressing up, the vibe of the wedding is never lost.

Despite the many hundred people present, the showstoppers of Desi weddings are always the bride and the groom. The whole crowd gets excited and watches keenly when they come up with antics to add fun to their own weddings. An Instagram video that had recently gone viral shows us one such incident. 

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The video shows the couple’s Varmala ceremony. The groom is dressed in a beige sherwani and the bride, in an exquisitely beautiful lehenga. During the Varmala ceremony, the bride is expected to put the garland over the groom’s neck and vice versa. However,  just as the ritual was about to commence, the bride surprised everyone.

Watch the video here: 

Just when the groom is about to put the garland around the bride’s neck, she bends back, moving away. Even when clad in her heavy bridal lehenga, she shows off her flexibility. She keeps bending back in an arch just as the groom tries to put the garland over her neck. Guests were seen cheering and encouraging the bride, having been surprised at this.

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After teasing her husband-to-be by making it difficult to put the garland over her neck, the groom finally pulls her upright. They can be seen sharing an amused look. The couple had doubtlessly enjoyed the fun filled act. This video, which was posted only four days ago, has already been viewed by around 4.3 million viewers on Instagram.

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Users amazed by the bride’s act have also commented that she must be a ‘Yoga teacher’. Many have even called her ‘Matrix Dulhan’.