BTS, on Sunday,  released a documentary titled ‘Coldplay X BTS Inside My Universe Documentary’ that gave a look at how their recently released song ‘My Universe’ was made. Shared on the K-pop group’s YouTube channel Bangtan TV,  the video depicted Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin was approached by BTS about 18 months before the song was recorded. 

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“About 18 months ago, I got a message from somebody. They said BTS want to do a song with you. I said, ‘How? How would that work?’ I didn’t understand how that could be possible,” Chris said at the beginning of the video.

He  also revealed the title, My Universe, was something his friend once said and he thought it was a ‘cool’ title for a song and he then penned the track. 

The video also shows how Chris travelled to South Korea for two days, bearing gifts for the BTS members, and recorded the song with them. RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook were also seen expressing their excitement to record the song. 

“This song is all about us creating something together. That’s why Chris came here in person and recorded with us as well. I really loved the theme ‘not alone but together’,” V said. J-Hope added, “It could have been done remotely but we could add more sincerity to the song this way.” 

One could also see how Chris doubled up as a cheerleader and encouraged the BTS singers.

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When Jungkook was set to head into the recording studio, he admitted he was scared he might mess the song up. “It feels like when I first debuted. Chris Martin will be directing my performance and I’m worried I’ll mess up,” he said. However, Chris was impressed with him. “Please tell JK he’s so impressive,” he requested the translator. 

BTS and Coldplay released the song on Friday. Ahead of the song’s release, the members of both groups met in New York and posed for a picture.