Baby Shark Dance is one of the most popular
children’s song. Its fame is such that one of the song’s versions is the most
viewed YouTube video with over 9.605 billion views, it has received 31 million
likes and 14 million dislikes.

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The video is uploaded on a channel called Pinkfong
and became a pop culture phenomenon during its best moment. The song’s lyrics
are simple yet catchy and helped them to a debut on the Billboard Kid Digital
Song Sales chart in July 2018.

The song is often used by parents to teach
their young ones about the members of a family using the example of a clan of
sharks which consists of mother, sister, brother, sister, grandpa and grandma

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It is speculated that the song dates back
to the 20th century at the very least and before it being made
popular in a video, the sharks were imitated using the hands of the singer.

Pinkfong uploaded the video on their YouTube
channel in November 26, 2015 and since then the views have been manifold. Thousands
of viewers continue to watch the video.

It gave rise to many trends including one
where parents dressed up as sharks in order to perform the song with their

However, a bizarre report from the
Associated Press reveals that former inmates of the Oklahoma County jail were ‘tortured’
by the officials by playing the song repeatedly.

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Three inmates who have been released are
suing the jail employees for forcing them to stand for hours and playing the children’s
song on repeat for hours.

Daniel Hendrick, Joseph “Joey” Mitchell and
John Basco are the ones behind the civil lawsuit which will be ruled upon by
the Oklahoma City federal court on Tuesday.

The ones who have been named in the lawsuit
are Sheriff Tommie Johnson III, the jail trust and two former jailers, as per
the Associated Press.