A Flipkart customer had ordered an iPhone 12 during its Big Billion Days. Lo and behold he receives a package with two soap bars inside the box. Flipkart, however, later cancelled the order and refunded the customer’s money.The money reportedly got credited into his account a few days later. 

It is not the first time such a thing has happened. It has become a new normal for big e-commerce companies to mess up orders on big discount days. Millions of customers order goods from E-commerce giants all over the country during the festive season, owing to heavy discounts on products at this time of the year.

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Gizmochina reported, “One of the victims of such fraud was our colleague Simranpal Singh, who has provided a firsthand account of a shocking case where soap bars were delivered in place of an Apple iPhone 12 bought through Flipkart during the much-hyped Big Billion Days Sale.” “Being aware of multiple occasions of fraud with smartphone deliveries, he had opted for the Flipkart Open Box Delivery, which actually turned out to be a lifesaver. The delivery was marked as ‘failed’ as soon as the Pandora’s box was opened and a couple of Nirma soap bars instead of Apple‘s latest-generation iPhone were revealed,” the report further added. 

Simranpal Singh, however, did not get into an argument with the delivery partner. He registered a complaint on the platform about the order and had a chat with Flipkart’s customer care. The confusion didn’t end there though. The support told him that he could only cancel the order one the status switched to delivered from “out for delivery”. Following the confusion, the company kept requesting an OTP from him despite having all the details with them already. 

After a few more failed attempts, Flipkart eventually cancelled the order and refunded Simranpal’s money.