The eagerly awaited Apple iPhone 15 is poised to make its debut, scheduled for unveiling on September 12th in Cupertino, California. Anticipation surrounds potential enhancements, including an Android-like charging port and improved camera zoom capabilities. Analysts suggest that these advancements may lead to a modest increase in the device’s overall cost. With a live-streamed event on Apple TV and YouTube, devoted Apple enthusiasts can witness the launch of the latest-generation iPhone firsthand.

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Apple iPhone 15 unveiling date and venue

Apple is set to reveal the highly anticipated iPhone 15 on Tuesday, September 12, at 10:30 pm IST. Alongside potential upgrades like an Android-like charging port and enhanced camera zoom capabilities, industry experts speculate that the device’s overall cost may see an uptick due to these advanced features.

The grand launch event will take place in Cupertino, California, and is expected to showcase a range of new Apple products, including Watches, AirPods, and various accessories. Nevertheless, for dedicated Apple enthusiasts, the spotlight will undeniably be on the latest-generation iPhone. The event will be live-streamed on Apple TV and the official YouTube channel of Apple.

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Pricing insights for the iPhone 15

Analysts project that the pricing for iPhone 15 models could see an approximate $100 increase compared to the previous iteration in the smartphone lineup. In the Indian market, the base model of the iPhone 15 is anticipated to be priced around ₹90,000, based on reports. This shift marks a noteworthy departure, as Apple has opted to raise its iPhone prices, a deviation highlighted in a recent report by Wedbush Securities analysts.

Innovative features of the iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 is expected to boast a standard 6.1-inch screen complemented by a spacious 128 gigabytes of storage, with an estimated price tag of $899. Additionally, the iPhone 15 Plus, featuring a larger 6.7-inch screen, could potentially start at $999. As per insights from the Wedbush report, users can look forward to a “noticeably faster” A17 bionic chip, improved battery longevity, a type-C charging port, upgraded camera technology, resilient titanium edges, and a host of software enhancements.

Of particular interest to iPhone enthusiasts may be the periscope telephoto lens of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Analysts suggest that this addition will substantially augment the phone’s optical zoom capacity, providing an impressive 5x-6x optical zoom, twice the capability of the iPhone 14 Pro.

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Olivier Blanchard, a research director at tech research firm The Futurum Group, indicates that the iPhone 15 is likely to incorporate a USB-C charging port, aligning it with the charging standard utilized by Android smartphone models.

Considering an upgrade to the iPhone 15?

The decision to transition from your current smartphone to the latest iPhone is contingent on factors such as your existing device and the duration of use. If you possess an iPhone 12 or a more recent model, retaining your current device might be the more cost-effective choice, particularly in light of potential price hikes by Apple, according to insights from Blanchard. However, for those with significantly older smartphones, the iPhone 15’s advanced chip, enhanced camera capabilities, and USB-C port could represent a substantial advancement in technology.