In a tragic and heart-wrenching incident, renowned Israeli television host Ma’ayan Adam faced an unimaginable loss as her sister, Mapal Adam, fell victim to a brutal Hamas attack at a music festival near the Gaza border.

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Who was Mapal Adam, Ma’ayan Adam’s sister?

In a horrifying turn of events, Ma’ayan Adam, a renowned 36-year-old Israeli television host, faced a heart-wrenching loss when her 27-year-old sister, Mapal Adam, was brutally killed during a ruthless attack by Hamas terrorists. The assault occurred at a trance music festival situated near the Gaza Strip border, where the assailants mercilessly massacred numerous partygoers.

Ma’ayan Adam, a prominent figure known for her appearances on Israel’s rendition of “Dancing With The Stars” and her anchoring of a news program on a popular television station, shared the devastating news with her 300,000 Instagram followers. She disclosed that her sister, Mapal Adam, met her tragic end while seeking refuge beneath a truck, feigning death in a desperate bid to evade the clutches of the assailants. A poignant photograph accompanied Ma’ayan’s Instagram post, displaying her sister’s cell phone, which revealed an image seemingly captured from underneath the vehicle.

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Regrettably, Mapal Adam was among the 260 Israeli lives claimed in the music festival’s invasion by Hamas terrorists. Reports suggest that she was in the company of her boyfriend, who, while attempting to shield her, sustained gunshot wounds to his back. Miraculously, he is anticipated to recover from his injuries.

According to Ma’ayan, Mapal exhibited extraordinary courage, remaining motionless for hours until the terrorists callously ended her life. The grieving sister reflected on the last photo her sibling took, underscoring the profound loss. Mapal and her boyfriend, Roey, had just begun cohabiting the previous week, a period of profound happiness for the couple.

The Tribe of Nova trance music festival, located near Reim, a kibbutz in close proximity to the Gaza border, witnessed the devastating incursion by Hamas gunmen in the early hours of Saturday morning. Eyewitnesses recounted a harrowing scene of chaos and terror as the assailants overran the concert area.

Raz Gaster, a manager of musical acts who participated in the festival, described the horrifying moments when explosions reverberated through the air. Security personnel urgently instructed attendees to take cover, and shortly thereafter, police implored everyone to flee the premises. Amidst the pandemonium, Gaster emphasized the imperative need for swift action in the face of the rocket attack.

This calamitous event has left Ma’ayan Adam and her family shattered, grappling with unimaginable pain. As Israel mourns the loss of so many vibrant lives, the resilience and strength of its people shine through in the face of such senseless violence.